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The presidents shown are “related entities” and listed because the general phrase. Presidents of the Kuwait Mobile Number united states” was searched for. Different people are shown, but all share a common denominator. Being president of the united states. How does google know to show these people specifically when a general phrase is queried? This is what the patent explains. It basically explains how these linked entities are select Kuwait Mobile Number and how they are displayed. Let’s look at another example. If we click on the image of donald trump on the page. We are redirect to a query for his name which appears as. When i search for his name without first searching for anything related to the president (and while offline).

Entity Database Kuwait Mobile Number

This is what i see: we can see the breadcrumbs at the top of the results. That started appearing in Kuwait Mobile Number february 2018, but on top of that we see the context continuing. When we were looking for presidents, a carousel of presidents in chronological order was Kuwait Mobile Number present. And when we click on an image, the context is taken with it. Which does not happen when we are looking for a president in isolation. So what Kuwait Mobile Number does this mean and what does it have to do with the patent? Let’s start by digging into a few key areas.

Search Engine Kuwait Mobile Number

Kuwait Mobile Number
Kuwait Mobile Number

And i’ll highlight the key points. Entity database one of my favorite takeaways is the idea that there is an actual entity database. It is basically a separate database that is only responsible Kuwait Mobile Number for understanding the different entities on the internet. Their attributes and how they are interconnect. For our purposes here, we must remember Kuwait Mobile Number that an entity is not just a person, place, or thing, but also its characteristics. These characteristics are link by relationships. If you read a patent, entities are call “nodes” and relationships as “edges”.

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