Google Shopping Ads Are Coming to Google Images

There’s something new in Google Images! “Google Shopping” ads will now show up in image engine results. A priori, this change would only Honduras B2B List concern certain requests on mobile and would only be visible in the United States. Google Images: new advertising space for advertisers Brands and e-tailers are going to be thrilled with this news as Google recently introduced product ads in image search. This new visual format was created to further entice people to discover new Honduras B2B List products and click on them. Indeed, the visual has a strong impact on the consumer, especially if it is in,

Browsing Space Linked to the Image. Indeed, the Mountain View

In its blog post, Google explains that most Honduras B2B List user queries on Google Images are for products. Then, in a second step, Internet users ask the price of the items and where they can buy it.Google has therefore shortened and simplified. The search process by facilitating direct purchase. Via this type of shopping advertisement within google images. Ads in Google Images Product advertisements in Google Images Google Shopping Ads: What else is new? Ads on Honduras B2B List Google Images, that was the big news! Nevertheless, knowing the “man”, we expect him to pull 2 ​​or 3 other novelties out of his hat

The Firm Still Has Other Surprises in Store for Us…“store Pickup”:

Honduras B2B List

  local stock announcements Knowing that the number of Honduras B2B List local searches has doubled during the year, the group has taken the initiative to offer local stores a ” Store Pickup ” link to add to their local Google page in order to facilitate in-store purchases. . This functionality thus makes it possible to inform Internet users about the availability of products in the store. Google explains that store pickup is very effective since. A store that tested this new feature saw honduras b2b list its click-through rate. Increase by 40 to 50%! Knowledge panel. Find store stock inventory for stores that already. Use local inventory listings google is also offering to. Make their inventory searchable through the knowledge panel ,

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