Google Update: Update on Content Quality on November 19

Pending the real-time update of the Penguin antispam filter scheduled for early next year, the SERPs have moved somewhat in Malaysia Phone number recent weeks. Several sites have been affected, positively or negatively, by what looks like a Google algorithm update . If Google has not made any particular announcement on this update, as shown in the tweet by John Mueller (Trends Analyst at Google), certain tools such as Malaysia Phone number the Serpometer, show a small turbulence that appeared around November 19. Many web players have also announced changes to their positioning. Tweet by John MuellerGoogle A “Phantom 3” linked to the “Quality Update”?

Searchforesight Has Highlighted the Big French Winners and Losers of This Update

According to the first hypothesis. It would be an update of the quality update. A modification of the algorithm making it possible. To Malaysia Phone number offer ever more relevant content. To users and penalize low-quality content. The first updates of this type (phantom 1 and phantom 2). Are once again affected (positively or negatively). By this update of november 19. Something to Malaysia Phone number think about adjusting. This part of the google algorithm in order to further enhance. The user experience by offering ever more relevant content. Following queries on the search engine.

Thanks to the Searchmetrics Tool: Quality Update: Highs and Lows

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What impact for your sites and what solutions? Some sites may have suffered a sharp drop in natural traffic linked to the loss of Malaysia Phone number positions on certain keywords. This loss can be likened to a sanction on the quality of your content (duplicate content, low quality content, etc.) or on the lack of engagement generated by your visitors. To overcome this problem, check the quality and relevance of your content : they must be unique and must meet the expectations of users when they have made a Malaysia Phone number certain request. Likewise, consider ease of use and ergonomics : the user must be able to easily and intuitively access your content. You must ensure that engagement on your site is not a constraint!

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