Growth and development through in company training

Organizations where people want to work for a longer period of time are focused on the personal growth and development of their employees. You can think of offering in-company training courses and a personal training budget, with which employees continue to develop.

But not only that. Employees in these organizations are also well coached by a manager or HR employee. In 1-on-1 conversations there is room for compliments and constructive feedback from which the employee can learn. Attention is paid to growth and development.

Feedback is one of the priorities

There are organizations that take this a step further, for example by having every employee do a personality survey. This survey gives the organization a good picture of the personality of the employee and thus more insight into the strengths and Armenia Phone Number weaknesses. In addition, it gives the employee more self-insight, which is the basis for personal and professional growth. On the basis of this profile, an optimal fit between personality and function/tasks can be determined. An employee who is in the right place is less likely to make the switch to another organization.


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3. Increasing employee engagement through openness

Employees love to be involved in the organization they work for. They want to know exactly where the organization stands and what is going on in the background. What important decisions are coming? And what impact does that have on their daily work? Be open, involve employees in decisions and be honest if things don’t go as well as you hoped.

Openness creates trust in the management of the organization. And trust forms the basis of good employment practices and business success.

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