Growth Hacking, a New Marketing Reality

Growth Hacking, a new fashionable Anglicism, is a concept that consists of rethinking your digital marketing with one and only objective: to Azerbaijan Phone number exponentially boost the growth of your business. The strategy consists in finding an innovative element that will make it possible to transform a weakness into a powerful driver of growth by combining original and above all inexpensive digital tactics and strategies. Growth Hacking can therefore be considered as a lever for the rapid acquisition and engagement of prospects. The difference with traditional marketing is precisely a perpetual questioning

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in line with a more dynamic digital environment and always with a constant objective of growth. Social media, therefore, play a very important role in this digital marketing strategy and more particularly in Inbound marketing. Some Stars of Growth Hacking Hotmail and its signature phrase: an early case of Growth Hacking In 1996, this messaging service which, at the time was only Azerbaijan Phone number in its infancy, had only a relatively weak growth. They had then realized that 80% of new users had registered thanks to friends via word-of-mouth. They then had the idea of ​​inserting a message at the end of each email sent from Hotmail:“PS: I love you.

Which Consists in Knowing How to Evolve Quickly,

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 This operation had the effect of considerably boosting the number of users (3000 per day).In 6 months hotmail generated 1 million subscribers and 12 million in 18 months. To be later bought by microsoft for 400 million dollars. Twitter account recommendations to follow. The company has faced the problem of Azerbaijan Phone number the flight of. Its users after a few days of using the application. Rather than implementing a classic. Follow-up strategy via e-mailings. Twitter looked for the cause of the problem and realized. That the new subscribers had few. Followers and had not yet been able to identify. The interesting accounts to follow. .

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