How Analysis of Search Data Can Improve Your Belarus Phone Number

Like the physical market the online search world has both its successful businesses and its disadvantaged ones. Matt Coulbourne CEO of search metrics used the metaphor of the high. Street the main area of ​​a trade or store to describe the current state. Of the search market in his presentation in the SMX next. Just as you have winners and losers in the physical space you also have them in the digital space. The two pages of Google or any search engine are backstreet in general he said. That’s where it ends up with a smaller audience. Vendors have long used search engine optimization to refine their content to fit user needs. But many do not apply these ideas to inform decisions that affect the long game. A lot of companies make the mistake of optimizing for too fast growth Coulbourne said.

They Put Their Products Together and the Question

Became How can we improve sales with what we have. But the question they have to ask is What sales can we get. How much is our target market right now. Every day Google performs more than 3.5 billion searches which provides a lot of data for marketers. Here are three Belarus Phone Number reasons why analyzing this research data will improve a vendor’s decision making process. Search data shows the origin of your growth right now. About 15% of the search terms that appear on google each month are new. Coulbourne said so this starts to give you the process of change that we have to face. We see trends going up and down in months and in some cases even weeks. And as a company, we have to respond.

Many Organizations Focus Too Much on Energy


Belarus Phone Number ote growth but ignore the definition of where that growth comes from. And in this digital age there is a lot to come from research. This data provides valuable insights for vendors especially those related to industry sectors. You have to understand how your industry and category are structured and ask the right questions he said. If you sell specialty sports shoes for example it doesn’t make much sense to compare yourself to Nike or a similar company that has greater coverage but may not be a leader in some areas. Data especially research data should be part of the core decision making process of any company. To show how often a brand uses it Coulbourne featured.

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