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Search Engine Land columnist Kevin Lee recently wrote about the prevalence of fake reviews, how they Exit Mobile Phone Numbers damage consumer trust, and why it’s a bad decision with permanent repercussions to try to use them. On how to index your site. Bots also consider other factors (such as your internal linking structure) to understand what Exit Mobile Phone Numbers your site is about. The most important thing with your extensible markup language (xml) sitemap is to make sure. That the message you send to search engines is consistent with your robots txt file. Don’t send bots to a page you’ve blocked them on; consider your crawl budget, especially. If you decide to use an automatically generated sitemap.

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Of lightweight content to sort through. If you do, they might never reach your most important pages. The second most Exit Mobile Phone Numbers important thing is to make sure your xml sitemaps only include canonical urls. As google considers your xml sitemaps a canonicalization signal. Canonization Exit Mobile Phone Numbers if you have duplicate content on your site (which you shouldn’t), then the Exit Mobile Phone Numbers link element. Tells crawlers which url should be considered the primary version. A key place to watch is your homepage.

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Exit Mobile Phone Numbers
Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

Multiple copies of the same page at different urls. If a search engine tries to index these pages. There is a risk that they will trigger Exit Mobile Phone Numbers the duplicate content filter, or at the very least dilute your link value. Note that adding the canonical link element will not prevent crawlers from Exit Mobile Phone Numbers crawling duplicate pages. Here is an example of such a homepage indexed multiple times by google. Imagine you have a website selling snowboards. Let’s say you have 50 different models available.

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