How Site Pagination and Click Depth Affect Seo

We’ve all seen pagination links.  Those little numbered links at the El Salvador Phone Number List top and bottom of multi-page content. They are used on blogs, e-commerce sites, web comics, gallery pages, serps, and multi-page articles. Simple paging examples paging examples—user interface 31 paging flavors from the perspective of the human visitor, pagination is quite straightforward. If you are on the first page and want to see the second page, you click on “2” (or “next”, or whatever). You don’t really need to think about it. From a web crawler’s perspective, however, it’s a bit more complicated. Perception of a small website by a search robot small-site—crawl-tree perception of a small website by a search robot web crawlers find new pages on a site by following links from pages they have already crawled.

The Home Page to Any Other Place

The crawler doesn’t know about a page until it finds at least one other page that El Salvador Phone Number links to it. (that’s an oversimplification, but it’s generally true. There are a few exceptions, like xml sitemaps and direct submission, but we’ll ignore them here.)for sites with a simple tree structure, this works pretty well. The crawler reads the home page. Then it follows the links from the homepage to (for example) each of the top-level category pages. Then it follows links from those to the secondary category pages, and then from those to the content pages. In this simplistic example, the crawler can jump from the home page to any other place on the site by following at most three links.

Crawl Tree an Even Smaller

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A very small website seo crawl tree very small website – crawl tree an even smaller El Salvador Phone Number List crawl tree but now let’s look at an example with paginated content: simple “next” link suppose you have a website containing a sequence of 200 numbered pages. This scheme is as simple as possible. If you click repeatedly for a very long time, you’ll eventually get to page 200. This pattern is quite common in the real world, mostly on blogs (usually with “Older posts” link text). However, it is no longer as popular as before. (for reasons that will appear below)

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