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Whether you’re just beginning your search engine optimization. (seo) Journey or you’ve Dubai Phone Number at it for years, chances are there is a part of your site that could be improved. In fact, of the hundreds of small business websites we review every year at bowler hat (my agency). It’s rare to see a site that implements seo perfectly and completely. Search engine optimization is not rocket science for any site. Including small businesses and local businesses. Yet, it’s easy to get lost in trivial details before the essential Dubai Phone Number basic steps are in place. This means that for most companies there are easy wins on the table. In seo, as in many business ventures. The pareto principle rings true: … “for many events, about 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

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this is absolutely correct when we look at seo for small businesses. Getting 20% ​​of the work done to get 80% of Dubai Phone Number the benefit is key to getting a quick return from your seo efforts. Let’s look at the basics and how to use that 20% to earn some easy wins you can set up today. Seo technique technical seo can get technical. Still, don’t let the term Dubai Phone Number scare you off. If you’re making smart decisions initially. A lot of the technical work is taken care of by your website hosting and your website software.

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Dubai Phone Number
Dubai Phone Number

Selecting a search engine-friendly content management. System (cms) like wordpress will Dubai Phone Number ensure you have a technically sound foundation for your seo efforts. With the right type of cms in place, you will then want to ensure that you host the site in an optimized environment. In some recent tests we ran, we compared Dubai Phone Number a basic wordpress site. On standard web hosting to an optimized environment. The optimized environment has done much of the technical optimization needed to speed up wordpress.

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