How to Create a Team-based Content Calendar

Schedule, not a thrill ride. We should also have a Costa Rica Phone Number List, consistent way of noting down what we’ll need and when we’ll need it. Your team and stakeholders should see the same information as you when they read the timeline. This way you create a plan that everyone can follow. My team incorporated a structure like this into the planning process. We categorize using content types that reflect what we know we can produce We categorize content using brand levels that reflect the level of sale of a particular item. This tells us what soft skills we’ll need (marketing writer versus technical writer, etc.)Together, the structure creates an actionable content schedule and provides a common language to talk about that schedule.

Make It Valuable to Your Customers

If your organization and resources allow you to Costa Rica Phone Number create one blog post per week, then this is your green circle. If the best you can do is tweet a week, then that’s it. Make it valuable to your customers. Have it polished. Make it consistent. Just make sure you succeed. What to expect: You want all content to generate business, of course. But keep expectations low. “Low” does not mean giving up or producing lousy content. That means a lasting set of content that builds momentum for potential customers, for your team, and for your stakeholders. Create green circle content to maintain engagement, create content hubs, and answer individual audience questions. Lead readers to move “up” to the blue square and black diamond. Typical green circles content rarely generates leads or last-click conversions.

Blue Square Blue Square Content Is All

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Blue Square Blue square content is all you can produce once a month. If you can write one Costa Rica Phone Number List per month, that’s your blue square. If you can write a 3000-word interactive piece, it’s a blue square. If you can create a sophisticated, publicly available toolset each month, that’s your blue square, and I envy you. What to expect: If you can only create something once a month, it must be a measurable business boost. It should generate shares and links, serve as a hub of content hubs, and drive readers to black diamond content. This can attract marketing-qualified leads and other mid-level conversions. But remember, that’s all you can create once a month.

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