How to Increase the Number of Views on Your Youtube Videos

It’s an inescapable fact, video is the medium that makes it easy to Bahrain Phone number reach a maximum number of prospects. The proof with YouTube. The second search engine in the world after Google , YouTube attracts a billion Internet users per month watching more than six billion hours of video. Essential media and more accessible than TV, YouTube allows all advertisers (including VSEs/SMEs) to advertise video by taking advantage of very interesting advantages. YouTube, a Google service, has the advantage of reaching a very precise target thanks to Bahrain Phone number AdWords devices. And, since last September,

Who Can See Them, and When. The Default Bidding System Used to Set

Google AdWords has updated its platform by fully integrating TrueView video campaigns, which can be configured directly from the AdWords interface. In other words, making video ads on YouTube is now child’s play! (well, not too much otherwise you wouldn’t need SEO experts!) What are the benefits of Bahrain Phone number advertising on YouTube? TrueView video ads, powered by AdWords, are an interactive and dynamic way to engage people on YouTube and across the web in general. You can now create and manage your video campaigns directly from the AdWords interface. This gives you control over where your ads appear,

┬áthe Price You’ll Pay for Your Trueview Ads Is Cpv (Cost Per View).

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This means that you pay for video. Plays (greater than 30 seconds otherwise full play if the video is less than 30 seconds). And for Bahrain Phone number other interactions with the video. (clicks on call-to-actions and related banners video). The first action having priority. Here are the advantages of using trueview ads on youtube. Prove your expertise nothing beats an image. To Bahrain Phone number get a message across! Videos speak to everyone, are very engaging and have the advantage of being more easily remembered. A personalized video of your company exposing your products and services will be an opportunity to prove that you are the specialist in your field. Generate qualified traffic to your website. Thanks to demographic targeting and predefined keywords, you will be able to reach your prospects. Don’t forget to add call-to-actions on your video to improve your conversions. Know the buzz:

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