How to make a book cover: 5 Tips

A book cover is truly one of the fundamental elements of your text. For this reason today we dedicate an entire article to how to make a book cover. You know the saying never judge a book by its cover well, this is true because it would be an understatement in relation to the commitment and energy you have used. But we must also deal with an increasingly crowded market. Where the supply of books is constantly growing. And new texts are published every day. In this case , winning the attention of a customer in the bookstore becomes increasingly difficult. For this reason never judge the book by its cover could be revised in “it attracts attention with its cover”. Having made the necessary premises, lets get to the practical part.


The Most Used is Undoubtedly Canva

How to make a successful cover for your book contents background remove service hide 1 the image 2 colors 3 font 4 dimensions 5 how to create the cover 5.1 doityourself 5.2 professional 6 print the cover the image what is the first thing we see in a book its cover what is it that attracts us to take him by the hand its image and its colors choosing an image is the first fundamental step to create a successful cover. A photo or graphic will be the first elements that will attract the customers eye.

But it is not enough to put a brightly colored photo to stand out and conquer the public. When choosing the right cover image for a book, it should answer a few questions what kind of book is it what is the tone of voice what topic does it deal with the cover image must be able to arouse the right emotions.

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Doit your self or Rely on a Professiona

Where to find the right images we recommend two ZNB Directory sites like shutterstock and depositphotos . Three free alternatives are pixabay , pexels , unsplash . Colors colors to make a book cover the choice of colors should not go beyond two maximum three. Complementary colors are usually preferred to give more prominence to the text. Also not to be underestimated is the psychology of colors and how they are able to arouse emotions, like images.

An example amber color is warm and radiant, which is why it is often used to convey happiness, audacity, vitality, confidence and security. Font fonts also matter. By the way we announce that we have launched our felicit4 font they are not all the same and above all they must have an essential characteristic.

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