How to Promote Tourism Through the Web Community Management

Most tourism players rely on the web for Portugal B2B List their communication campaigns, so why not you? There are many ways to promote your city , or create buzz around its events. The Internet offers some very interesting possibilities to put in place to communicate with tourists, but also with the inhabitants of your city… Provided you are creative! Here are some examples of measures to put in place to Portugal B2B List promote tourism through the web. Communicate in real time thanks to Community Management First thing to do, invest in social networks : create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or even Instagram. So far, nothing really original.

The City of Rennes Has Created a Rennes Especially to Communicate

But wait until you see the possibilities offered by Portugal B2B List these social networks. Promote your city in another way. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are an excellent way. To play on virality by setting up large-scale actions. Whether through video campaigns, photos, contests. Or the broadcast of live events these platforms are the best way. To reach a maximum audience. Rouen tourism be Portugal B2B List attentive to the expectations of. Its visitors and respond to the social networks are also a great. Way to receive comments and opinions from tourists and locals.

Twitter Meanwhile Allows You to Answer Questions From Tourists.

Portugal B2B List

 on the events of the city, while listening and trying to Portugal B2B List learn more about the expectations of the public. reindeer tourism banner-CM Boost your city’s visibility with effective media plans What do you think is the best way to make visitors want to come to your city? By giving them a taste most certainly! 360° photos and carousels on Facebook are a hit on the pages of tourist offices, as are videos. The goal is not to make a banal video by filming the monuments of your city, but to Portugal B2B List create a real communication campaign over the long term. Admire, for example, the work of the Auvergne region, which produced a small web-series, humorously taking up city vs countryside clichés.

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