How to Write Sincere Marketing Copy

Fear of scarcity permeates our culture. People think they don’t have enough. They spend time calculating how much they want. And when they see what others have, they only think about what they lack. In buddhism, this Philippines Phone Number List is called “the hungry ghost”. Hungry ghosts are beings with tiny, pin-sized mouths and large, empty stomachs. They live in a realm where they are never satisfied and their craving is incessant. As marketers, we are sometimes guilty of bombarding people with content that plays on this hyperawareness of lack. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I would like to propose that selling products can be symbiotic with sincerity. Being a trader who also lives by a buddhist philosophy may seem like an oxymoron.

Let’s Explore How the Four Elements of Good

Thich neat Hahn discusses this Philippines Phone Number doctrine in his book, the art of communicating. Truthful and loving speech is something we need to practice. »this way of speaking and writing is not always natural, so it takes practice. We need to be considerate and respect our audience through our words, just like we do when talking to a dear friend. It may seem like an idealistic, impossible, and perhaps even silly proposition. But I’m not asking you to be perfect. I’m just asking you to join me in exploring another approach to your marketing copy. Let’s explore how the four elements of good speech can apply to content marketing:1.

Maybe It Has Some Other Utility

Philippines Phone Number List
Philippines Phone Number List

Tell the truth. Don’t lie and spill the truth. If you twist the truth, your Philippines Phone Number List customers may not trust you. If they buy your product and it doesn’t meet their expectations, they will end up being disappointed. Luckily, your product doesn’t have to be the sexiest or most innovative to sell. Maybe it has some other utility – like price or convenience. Sometimes the copy on the web is misleading, so stand out by being simple and honest. Rely on originality. Here is an example of rei. I spend a large portion of my salary there because I trust their products to withstand the often crappy pacific northwest weather. But words are powerful and we need to be mindful at every step of our writing process. One way to do this is to follow a buddhist doctrine called the four elements of right speech.

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