How to advertise your brand on Twitch

With more than 17.5 million daily users. Twitch is the streaming platform. That can be a great opportunity. For your marketing campaigns. Forecasts say that the audience on. Twitch will grow more than 5.9% in 2021 and. This will become the year of its settlement. Although the origin of the transmissions are video games. The growth of the platform has led to. Other themes taking place there. Now we can find content such as music. Cooking and performing arts among others. This makes more and more brands attractive to viewers. At the moment advertising within. Twitch is directly relate to the interests of each user. This together with the low saturation of the market. Makes the audience loyal and open to advertising. Index of contents a tool like twitch. Constantly growing and with such a loyal audience. Is a very fertile breeding ground for brands. That want to position themselves among this target audience. The novelty of being able to receive instant feedback attracts companies that need to penetrate society more urgently than others.

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These are the marketing strategies that work best within twitch : influence marketing as in other social networks, influence marketing campaigns also have a place here. It is important to look for an influencer or streamer who transmits trust and closeness in his message. In addition to this, the way for a campaign to be effective is to achieve a connection between the message, the interests of its public and the product or brand. The engagement, feedback and  Romania Phone Number reactions of the public are seen live, something that allows you to correct the strategy or adapt it in real time if necessary. The influencers present in this network are not only on twitch , so it is interesting to carry out multi-channel actions. All of them have profiles with hundreds of thousands of followers on youtube, where most of them come from. Self serve ads brands can create their own twitch channel and feed it with engaging content. Some of the options are to broadcast conferences or any type of live event in which the public can participate online. Once the channel is open.

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They can advertise it within the platform with different types of ads: branding by giving away subscriptions to other channels is also a good strategy. With them you manage to create a good image and begin to make yourself known in a friendly way. Another very interesting option, currently only available in the us, canada, uk, germany and france, is the bounty board . It is a program in which the platform puts content creators in contact with brands. Streamers browse through the bounty board looking at all the available campaigns that different brands have created. They are the ones who choose the ones that best match their interests. Partners and sponsors partners or sponsors are those streamers who have a loyal audience, a constant number of weekly broadcasts and retransmissions that meet the conditions of the platform. These streamers can insert pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll ads with a maximum duration of 8 minutes in their direct.




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