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Content and links are always the mainstays of search engine optimization (seo). In fact, google has told us in Panama Mobile Number the past that these components are two of the three main factors. In google’s search algorithm. By now we should all know this. But many people still make a critical mistake when it comes to content and links and how they relate. To each Panama Mobile Number other in terms of search optimization. The majority of webmasters brainstorm, design and execute content initiatives, then search for links. I think that may not be the best strategy. Link building should be a consideration before content is published. And should be used to guide content strategy.

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When search opportunity dictates content strategy rather than the other way around. The results Panama Mobile Number can be great. When you can consult on the content strategy before the start of the link. The results can be positive: as you can see. We were successful in securing links and growing keyword rankings, and because the content was Panama Mobile Number targeted and strategic. It only took a few links to see growth. Here is a list of where these keywords go in the top 100 search results. Now you might be thinking, “two keywords in the top 10 – that’s not very impressive.

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Panama Mobile Number
Panama Mobile Number

But those keyword rankings are high value terms that drive. Qualified traffic with a high chance of conversion to a website. Because we had influence on the content strategy from the start. We steered the client toward tactical content that would support those Panama Mobile Number results. It should be noted that content marketing has several purposes. Not all articles should have links as the end goal. Many content marketing campaigns are brand driven and have nothing to do with seo and links. However, if you are Panama Mobile Number creating seo content, there are three main goals you need to consider: overall organic traffic. Connections.

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