Hubspot the Precursor of the Inbound Marketing Experience

You have surely noticed that consumer behavior has evolved; their way of life, the way they shop has changed. Companies had to Mexico Phone number try hard to adapt to this new trend. It is from this problem that the “Inbound marketing” experience was born, via the HubSpot platform . If you are a company and want to integrate an optimized and effective Inboud marketing strategy, HubSpot is today THE intuitive and integrated solution to attract, interest and satisfy your customers. A little preview of this software that has convinced more than 15,000 companies around the world.

The Company Has a Total of 785 Employees Across All Three Sites,

About HubSpot Created in 2006, Hubspot is the result of a reflection on our new way of consuming. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah , two Americans, had the brilliant idea of ​​developing a platform comprising a Mexico Phone number set of applications totally dedicated to optimizing your Inbound marketing campaigns, in a logic of marketing automation .. Today, Hubspot is more than 15,000 customers and 2,200 partner agencies in 70 different countries. The company’s headquarters are located in Boston in the United States but there are also two other headquarters, one in Dublin for Europe and another in Sydney for the Asia / Pacific area.

The Company Has a Total of 785 Employees Across All Three Sites,

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 all united around the same credo: “helping customers find a solution”. It was also voted “best place to work” by in 2014. What benefits for your business? Concretely, what is HubSpot?It ‘s an all in one software that will help you attract visitors. Convert leads and close sales using a Mexico Phone number panel of intuitive. And practical tools as well as specialized services and support. Hubspot incorporates the famous concept of inbound marketing. Based on the 4 steps attract convert close and satisfy. Steps to inbound marketing with hubspot hubspot. Will accompany you to transform your site into. A real magnet! It will help you in particular. To create optimize and share your content on social networks. Attract new prospects thanks to landing pages. Call-to-action targeted e-mails and. A personalized website new in recent months has been.

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