If You Take Safety for One Day

That affect addiction? Of the media and police ,you will be uneasy for the rest of your life.” addiction? That’s fake!” it seems that what the media said is somewhat different from their experience. But what about this gap? Is addiction real? Will it stick once? How much does it take to become addicted? We want to try to answer this question, but the causes can be divided into several aspects to discuss, and then. We will talk about a few factors that affect addiction. 1. How to take: injection > inhalation > oral in addition to the more frequent you take, the, the chance of addiction can also be affected by the way you use it. For example: direct injection with a syringe (slam), or snorting with a water cart, are more addictive than oral. How to say? It has to do with how quickly the

Material gets into your brain

When the speed of entering the brain is faster, it will have a larger and stronger effect and bring higher pleasure; but at the same time, the higher the degree of damage to the brain. The higher the risk of addiction (the faster the high, the higher the risk of addiction). Become addicted faster). If it is Nepal Phone Number taken orally, it will be digested in the stomach first, and then absorbed into the bloodstream, which is a relatively slow and safer process. 2. Genetic factors: , different people have different lives everyone’s genes are different, and some people will say they get addicted after one use.

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This means that if your family

Has a history of addiction, you need to be more mindful of yourself. The psychological dependence in addition to physical conditions, psychological causes are also one of the variables. Many users seek substances, not because they want pleasure, but to avoid unpleasant feelings, such as low tide, loneliness, anxiety, etc. When life’s stressful events are not resolved. Or the user does not find a more suitable , then he may repeat the use to get rid of unpleasant feelings, and may also worsen his mental health. In addition, if the substance is used repeatedly,

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