I’m going on vacation and don’t bring my SEO work

There is also an exception for new products that have been on the market for less than 30 days. This arrangement will not apply.

The idea is that you should be able to easily sell new products at a discount, because this is better for everyone. Of course, the price should still not be misleading.

Exception for perishable goods

Perishable products are also exempt from the rule. The starting price may simply be the price that was used immediately before the discount. The idea behind this is that it is more important that we combat food waste and that you can therefore make it attractive to buy the products.

Tip : if something goes wrong during your absence and your colleague discovers it first, ask your colleague to inform the customer immediately. This way you show that you are also on top of the ball during your absence. That creates trust.

The only thing left for me to do is enjoy your holiday!

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When do these rules come into effect?

The European rules should have entered into force from May 28, 2022. What I describe above was already approved by the Council of Ministers in May 2022 and was subsequently sent to the Council of State for advice, but the new rules have still not entered into force. It is unclear when this will happen. The rules can therefore also be adjusted a bit.

PS There are also new rules for online marketplaces .

Immediately put this data in your out-of-office. And if you have some time to spare, make it something creative. For example:

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