If Your Goal Is to Increase Access to HP and Websites

If, your goal is to increase brand awareness. Views (video ads only): if you want to increase the number of views. If your goal is to increase opportunities for products, services, and brands to be weighed. Types of bidding strategies when conversion is Turkey WhatsApp Number important if conversion is important, we recommend using smart automatic bidding. Because when setting bids, you need to consider metrics such as ad impressions, clicks, and conversions and analyze and calculate your ad placement results, which is more time-consuming than you might think. Extended cost per click (CPC) with extended cpc, you can automatically adjust your individually set bids based on the likelihood that each click will lead to conversions, maximizing your conversions.

Because It’s Work

Smart automated bidding uses machine Turkey WhatsApp Number learning to optimize. Conversions and conversion values ​​for each auction. Reducing most of the work that relies on your own analytical guesses. In addition, the device, region, time zone, language, etc. Are taken into consideration, and all searches are processed according to the situation. So you will be able to operate advertisements very efficiently. Here are five smart automated bidding strategies. You can use if you focus on conversions. Conversion target conversion unit price (cpa: cost per action). You can use your target cost-per-conversion to optimize. Your conversions while aiming for a specific cost-per-conversion (the cost of a single deal).

Target Advertising Cost-Effectiveness

Turkey WhatsApp Number

Return on advertising spend target ad cost-effectiveness optimizes. You to maximize Turkey WhatsApp Number your conversions while aiming for specific ad cost-effectiveness. An indicator of how much you were able to make money for your ad spend. Can do. Maximize conversions allows you to focus on conversions. And optimize to use up your budget. It recommend when you focus. On conversion rather than aiming for a specific unit conversion price. Maximize conversion value you can use maximize conversions to optimize. Your conversions while spending your entire daily budget. Each time your ad target by an auction. The optimal bid automatically set to get the most valuable conversions for your campaign.

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