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Indie music, indie graphics this is the reasoning behind the activity of paolo proserpio, a graphic designer who works with important italian companies, branding and printing techniques teacher at the ied in milan and a great music lover. A passion that is expressed with the creation of graphic designs for indie music discs for those who do not know it stands for independent, that is not produced by the major discography which to define covers is largely an understatement. In fact, these are real communication projects that focus on printing and the physicality of the supports, manipulated and modified to highlight the artistic aspects of musical ideas and underline the mechanisms that regulate the market. “in 2016” says paolo proserpio “the punk band pay commissioned me to design one of their albums produced on cd.


Deep Knowledge of Printing Graphic Devices

But already in 2016 the diffusion of cd players philippines photo editor was very limited and therefore we used the support to create attention and on the band, on its concerts and on the situation of the recording market. The cd was cut in half, so people bought a medium they couldnt listen to. The really graphic part of the project is also interesting, that is the inlays, the sheets included. In the cd paolo photocopied the faces of the bassist. And singer of the group pinguino and ariele frizzante, for the most curious. And photocopied them in 300 copies a different from. The other, thus transforming each copy of the cd into a unique object.

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Graphics of a Wellknown Tv Show

Another project devoted to uniqueness and originality is ZNB Directory the one created by paolo proserpio with a group of his former students and linked to the historic “punk rock gathering” in bergamo, with italian and foreign bands inspired by the music of artists such as the ramones. The organizers commissioned me to create a workshop in which to tell the participants. How to print, fold, cut paper for diy productions do it yoruself to deal with the usual. Problem of these bands, that of a limited budget. It is often optimistic. When the american group of punk rock mean jeansgave the bergamo festival two. Songs, collected in a 7inch mini album sold by the festival to selffinance, I put this. Philosophy into practice by taking care of the packaging.

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