What Kind of Article the Information on the Web Page

As a solution is, etc., and utilize it for the content. Of the content to be created. At this time, it is important to refer to the pages at the top of the search. But copying and pasting is strictly prohibited. It will be recognized as a “copy site” and will drop google’s reputation. Try to create unique content. Make the title and content Senegal WhatsApp Number relevant to the keywords based. On the purpose of the user’s search. We will create the text of the content by incorporating keywords. Specifically, include the selected keywords at the beginning and end of titles. Lead sentences, headlines, and sections.

Especially If You Put

Keywords in the title, it will be easier for users Senegal WhatsApp Number to judge that it is necessary information. If you include keywords in the meta description. it will be easier to convey the information of the article before clicking. * this is the summary part displayed below the title when searching for the photos below. Search screen by including keywords, the page will be more relevant and will improve the reputation of search engines such as google. Page number 1. Importance of page count in addition, let’s increase the number of pages of content related to keywords. For example, if it is the homepage of a web production company, we will continue to increase the number of pages with themes related to keywords, such as past achievements, customer feedback, and web design know-how.

On the Other Hand,

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Even if you increase the number Senegal WhatsApp Number of pages. That have nothing to do with the theme or keywords of your website. You cannot expect the effect of seo, so be careful. Estimated number of pages created specifically, how many pages you should prepare depends on the keywords you choose. A highly competitive keyword that many people search for may require a large number of hundreds of pages. On the other hand, if the keyword is searched by only some people. You can expect the effect even on about 10 pages. Let’s count the number of pages of the website that are displayed at the top with the selected keyword. It can be said that exceeding the number of pages of the reference site is one guideline for the number of pages of content to be created in the future.

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