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An lp (landing page) that shows all the benefits that can be obtained by requesting materials or registering as a member is effective. Measures such as “sample gifts” and “discount coupon distribution” are often taken. Since it is a cv (conversion) target that has a lower hurdle than purchasing a product or service, it is said that a simple and conspicuous lp (landing page) is likely to be effective. → for details, see [past blog articles] how to make an lp (landing page). Frequently Brazil WhatsApp Number carry out lpo (landing page optimization) lpo lpo is an abbreviation for “landing page optimization” and stands for landing page optimization. It is a marketing method that optimizes lp (landing page) and raises cvr (contract rate) of the page.

In Ad Planning,

It is necessary to understand the importance Brazil WhatsApp Number of linking ads and lps (landing pages). And to constantly improve by turning the PDCA cycle. When there is an inflow but conversions do not increase. If your ad is clicked and a certain number of laps (landing pages) are viewed. But it doesn’t lead to cvs (conversions). You may want to try the following two improvements. Improved the contents of the application form one of the major reasons. For leaving the lp (landing page) is that it is troublesome to fill out the application form. If there is an input item that makes you think “is this necessary?”, it will cause withdrawal. If you think that there are many input items, try only the minimum items as shown below. Name company name email address phone number also, for users who do not know how to write,

It Is Recommended to

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Put a (example) on the name field so that it can be written Brazil WhatsApp Number smoothly. Improved ctr button design if you do not know the location of the “purchase button” or “application form. Or if you do not have the cv (conversion) button unless you scroll to the bottom, you will also be withdrawn. There are 3 to 4 ctr buttons installed, but if the cv (conversion) rate does not increase, try changing the design by coloring the ctr buttons or enlarging the characters. A / b testing improves small details it is necessary to constantly improve the lp (landing page) so that it can be viewed more comfortably, rather than leaving it as it is. By measuring the effect diligently, you can find out where to improve.

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