Instagram & Real Estate: Success Stories

Making it possible to communicate with 300 million people Malta B2B List through images and with a 5% engagement rate, Instagram today attracts many professionals who integrate the social network into their communication strategy. A picture is sometimes worth 1000 words Real estate, in the full digital revolution, does not escape this support, this sector is even particularly adapted to the criteria of the minimalist social network. An opportunity for real estate professionals to Malta B2B List increase their visibility, but above all to develop it differently. In a sector that seeks to humanize to reach a wider audience, Instagram is also a way to quickly acquire new customers.

An Unexpected Enthusiasm Part of a Case in Which Many Real

Thus, more and more real estate agents have gone. To Malta B2B List the boarding of the social network to consolidate. Their current relationships or acquire new customers. And some have experienced dazzling success. The story of a bad day is the case of sarah. Johnston real estate agent in new york. Following a bad day, decided to publish a video on instagram. That she will remember for a Malta B2B List long time. After losing 2 sales on the same day. Sarah decides to dance in front of the camera to clear her mind. A few minutes later she wonders why not post this video. On instagram and talk a little about the job?

Estate Agents Can Find Themselves: the Failure and Questioning of His Work,

Malta B2B List

 his video has generated enormous engagement. Sarah’s act, influenced by a few drinks, actually turned out to be quite the Malta B2B List marketing buzz. Suddenly, many colleagues touched by her naturalness came into contact with her to offer her business opportunities, but also many clients who until now did not know Sarah J. This new visibility therefore acted as a spokesperson to his passion for Malta B2B List working as a real estate agent and now allows him to expand his professional network. This seemingly innocuous gesture now earns her a business boosted by the 7,000 followers she acquired in 7 months and the numerous business brought in thanks to her activity on the social network that she carefully maintains.

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