Introducción a Amazon Advertising, la mejor herramienta para vender en Amazon

It is interesting to know what types of sellers are on. Amazon and know how to differentiate.  It is the owner of a brand that sells. Part of its inventory to amazon. Which controls its prices. A vendor’s items  and shippe .Directly by amazon currently .The only way to access this program. Is through a direct invitation from amazon. This is achieve  by performing a high quality. Of service huge sales and for a long time. Amazon will be intereste in. The product and will offer. The possibility of entering the vendor program. Uses the amazon vendor central platform seller. This type of seller can be a brand. Or a business that sells products. Of several brands or its own. The inventory is controlle by the seller. Items are by the seller to customers . And  from the seller’s facility or from amazon.

This causes extra visibility to be offere and attract

It uses amazon seller central as a. Management tool . What is amazon advertising? Amazon advertising home screen amazon ads or amazon advertising is amazon’s ppc (pay per click) marketing platform . The operation is very similar to google ads or microsoft advertising. Advertisers can place campaigns in different locations or target them by different audiences. The purpose is to be able to impact potential customers who are searching for a specific product on amazon. Sellers only pay for these ads when a user clicks on an ad and is directed to the product page they  Romania Phone Number  want to buy. Types of campaigns in amazon advertising the first thing to do to build a campaign in amazon advertising is to choose the type. We must bear in mind that, as with google ads or microsoft advertising, this choice will depend on the business objective you have.

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Indicating that it is a sponsored product


Sponsored brands or sponsored brands. The direction take  by this model is aime at increasing. The brand’s branding without forgetting. The sales objective since searches on amazon are mainly transactional. Depending on the keywords being bid on in these campaigns, the ad will appear above the first product result in banner format or not. In said advertisement, the brand logo and three products that are within the seller’s listing can be combined. Display ads they show a prominent ad for the product in a banner format in a different placement than the search results. These campaigns do not use keyword targeting, but product categories, buyer interest categories, and asin amazon standard identification number.

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