Introducing the Features of Each Medium and the Advantages

The importance of digital transformation (hereinafter referred to as dx) in society is increasing year by year, such as the announcement of the “dx promotion index” by the ministry of economy, trade and industry, and many people may realize that. Among them, which works not only on people’s sight but also on hearing, has a high penetration Poland WhatsApp Number rate into society, and it is expected that the demand for this will increase. This time, i will tell you the merits of using such and recommended video usage scenes. What are the benefits of using video? -easy to convey information to smartphones and newspapers first, let’s think about how easy it is to convey information through animation, in comparison with textual information.

A Lot of Information Can Be

Transmitted unlike text and still images. Video contains Poland WhatsApp Number various elements such as “movement.” “time axis,” and “sound .” by combining these elements. It is possible to convey a lot of information in an easy-to-understand manner in a short time. Even if the content is complicated. In fact, dr. James l. Mc of forrester research, an american research firm. Announced in 2014 the results of a study that “the amount of information. In a video per minute is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Of textual information.” did. According to “reading speed ​​measurement”. Which can measure the speed of reading characters. The average number of characters that japanese. Can read in one minute is 400 to 600 characters. This is because the former is in english and the latter is in japanese. So it is not possible to make an accurate comparison,

But It Is Clear That

Poland WhatsApp Number

Information is easy to convey accurately Poland WhatsApp Number textual information. Greatly influence by the imagination .of the recipient and the sense of the sender and receiver. In fact, in the present age when opportunities for face-to-face communication are decreasing. Many people may be keenly aware that “miscommunication. Is likely to occur in chat communication.” however, since the video recognizes the information. As it is view, it less dependent on the imagination of the recipient. And it works effectively even in situations. Where accuracy is required for information transmission. What are the benefits of using video? Convenience smartphones and pcs next. We will consider the merits of animation in terms of convenience.

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