Let your heart take off with the javelin

Taiwan javelin star Zheng Zhaocun threw a personal best of 91.36 meters at the Universiade last year, overturning a German player and breaking the Asian record to win gold. He is also the first Asian athlete to throw more than 90 meters. Zheng Zhaocun has never challenged his own limits rudely from his usual practice. He looks forward to his potential in this Asian Games in Jakarta and achieves great results again. Q: Why did you choose the javelin in the first place? Because I like sports very much, I practiced baseball when I first came into contact with sports. Later, because there was no baseball club in the school near my home, I was drawn into the track and field club instead.


At first, I practiced sprinting, and then I tried the javelin

by chance, and I got very good results. Q: As a professional javelin thrower now, do you think you Portugal Phone Number are different from before? At the beginning, I wondered if I really liked javelin. Do I have other expertise? In the time and again of the injuries and sacrifices, I found myself a little unhappy that I couldn’t practice the javelin because of the rehabilitation. It turned out that the javelin has become an indispensable part of life. Even if there is no competition, as long as you can hold the javelin in your hand, there will be a sense of satisfaction. Feeling gloomy during the injury period, as long as you can pick up the javelin and throw it, you will feel that everything is worth it. Q: How did you readjust yourself after an injury? I feel that being hurt has taught me more about myself.

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I have suffered two serious injuries. Before the injury,

I would not allow myself to take second place in the competition. After I recovered and went back to the competition, I found that I had to redouble my training in order to try my best to return to the best state. And in the process, I was injured again, which also made me very emotional about the choice of training later. To choose helpful and targeted training, I also added some experience from training days abroad. When my injury healed in 2017, I successfully demonstrated the results of my training. If I have to say that I have beaten others, it is the opportunity to know myself better.

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