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The design of our stand. 1. Location and dimensions. These factors will depend to a great extent on the budget that we have, often, the places with the most influx of public and with better visibility are more expensive, they are vip positions and require greater economic investment. However, don’t worry, sometimes location isn’t everything , show stand design so original or eye-catching that visitors look for it. In addition, most fairs are designed with a route so that visitors go through all the stalls.

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Something similar happens with space, the dimensions of a stand are usually in relation to the square meter. However, a bigger stand is not always going to be better. An eye-catching, well-organized booth that draws viewers’ attention will be more desirable than a huge, deserted, boring booth. First key for the design of stand for fairs 2. Distribution Latvia Phone Number of space. Tip: simplicity above all. It is better to exhibit little and good than to fill the entire stand with so many products that they saturate the view of anyone who passes by. Here the premise that “less is more” is valid. Of course, take good care of the quality .

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Latvia Phone Number

Pay attention that your product looks better than ever: good condition, cleanliness, good order, the position that most favors. That the most interesting angles of the product can be seen. Everything counts. Inesem business school course in design of corporate and commercial spaces more information choose a point of maximum attention . A piece or star product that is the protagonist of your stand. It will be what most attracts the viewer’s attention. And place it in the place where it has more visibility in your stand. From there, keep in mind that the other products will be the secondary actors of the scene.

Accessibility. Your stand must have a product display area that must be comfortable and accessible to the public. Take care that there are no elements that hinder the passage or that hinder a general view of the whole. It is also good that there is a counter , that is, an area for the first contact with visitors. Where they can get information, take brochures, catalogues… It will be good if

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