Do Not Put Links Other Than the Application Form Unlike

Web pages that have links such as internal and external links. In the case of lp (landing page), the link is basically one of the cta buttons. By narrowing down the information on one page and creating a mechanism. That allows you to complete the application. You can appeal directly without moving to another page. Difference from website the Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number website consists of multiple pages. Such as company information, product/service introductions. And employment information, and navigation is installed so that you can transition from page to page. On the other hand, lp (landing page) is a one-page complete type.

And the Purpose

Is cv (conversion) for one product or service, so do not link it Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number with the corporate website. If you index the page, it will be linked with the evaluation of the website, so the overall evaluation will be lowered and the site will be difficult to be displayed at the top. This point needs attention. Website it is important to be ranked high in seo (natural search results) → index the page (register with google, yahoo !, etc.) lp (landing page) mainly attracting customers from advertisements → do not index pages (register with google, yahoo !, etc.) screen configuration according to the purpose of cv (conversion) the lp (landing page) configuration needs to be devised according to the cv (conversion) goal. Here, we will explain two cases, one for the purpose.

Lp Optimization Purchase

Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number

of goods and services in the case of lp (landing page). Where the purchase Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number of a product or service. Is a cv (conversion), it is effective to convey all the trust. Security, and effect of the product or service in fv (first view). Also, place the ctr in a range that does not require scrolling. So that users who “decided to purchase as a result. Of going back and forth with competing lps (landing pages) several times.” Can purchase smoothly. In addition, you can encourage purchases by including detailed product/service explanations and customer feedback. Of “purchasing goods and services” and the other for the purpose of “inquiries (request for materials and membership registration)”.

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