Lock It Up: a Guide to Https Migrations

Like most development projects, you need to start with Belize Phone Number List plan. Sites have different configurations and variables to consider. Now is the time to analyze the site you are working on and come up with a strategy. Some site configurations allow you to perform a series of steps on the live site. Others may require a database freeze on the live site while all appropriate http referrals are updated and tested in a staging environment, then re-synced to production. Test and verify that the certificate is correctly installed and that your https urls do not generate common name errors. A common name (mismatch) error results from the ssl certificate not matching the domain url.

The Live Site While All Appropriate

A possible example could be that your Belize Phone Number is configured for but the certificate common name is only configured for ssl common name error if you encounter common name errors, see this article for more information and resolution options. Take inventory of all http assets make an inventory of all the assets concerned by the migration: these links must be replaced by “https” links. A majority of sites reference assets that are not hosted internally. In order to avoid content mismatch errors, all elements must reference valid https urls . Do you have a cdn? Is the ssl cdn enabled? Test and verify. Be sure to keep track of http and https urls for the find and replace step. Often customer relationship management (crm) systems are involved and need to be carefully.

A Possible Example Could Be That Your Site

Belize Phone Number List

Analyzed and included in the game plan. If so, you’ll either want to Belize Phone Number List host this asset yourself, seriously consider deleting it, or face content mismatch errors, which erodes the trust of your users. Check your codebase for http urls often developers or content teams will hard code absolute urls into their code. Replace database references stop. Before continuing, back up your database!! There are several approaches to handling this step, and the best choice for your site may depend on your application and database type. My examples are for mysql-based applications – and more specifically, php-based ones. This is because I most often work with wordpress based sites.

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