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You probably already know that having a slow website doesn’t give you an edge. Over your competition Switzerland Phone Numbers and doesn’t help with search rankings. You probably also know how to do the basics, like image optimization, to help make your site a little faster. Since most of the basics have been covered, i want to talk about the different ways to approach performance. Factors and how they can help you organize and Switzerland Phone Numbers prioritize the process of improving speed on your site. Numerous case studies show that site speed has a significant impact on user behavior. One of the biggest problems a webmaster faces is. How to avoid long loading times so that visitors don’t leave the site before the page loads.

The Performance Switzerland Phone Numbers

According to think with google, if the page load time increases from 1 to 5 seconds. The probability of a Switzerland Phone Numbers user leaving without interaction. Increases by 90%! It’s huge and it shows that every second counts. Bounce rate is one of the metrics representing user satisfaction. However, conversions are the holy grail of seo. If you annoy Switzerland Phone Numbers users with a slow website. They will go to your competitor and you lose the sale. Speed ​​up the mobile version in november 2017, google engineer addy osmani wrote an overview.

Ranking Factor Switzerland Phone Numbers

Switzerland Phone Numbers
Switzerland Phone Numbers

Of a pinterest case study that showed how accelerating the mobile version of the pinterest. Site Switzerland Phone Numbers improved all metrics related to user engagement. Pinterest rebuilt its mobile app in three months and the results were spectacular. The old version Switzerland Phone Numbers of their mobile site became interactive for most users in 23 seconds. They reduced it to 5.6 seconds. As a result: delays on a Switzerland Phone Numbers website can be very costly. If you want to see how much you stand to lose. Check out think with google’s impact calculator.

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