Marketers Are Not Storytellers

Storytelling is a big word, but a bad metaphor for what we marketers do. Before you scroll down and start insulting me in the comments: I love storytelling marketing. The storytelling is fantastic. It is an essential part of Russia Phone Number List marketing. But marketers have almost no control over the story. People go where they want, when they want. If we’re lucky, they read something we wrote. If we’re blessed, they see our content, on our site, and they don’t stop to look at snapchat or kik or instagram or whatever. It’s like 1000 guinea pigs on a cucumber farm. Chaos. It’s also a great opportunity, if you can jump on it. Digital marketers are world builders it’s been bugging me for years: if we don’t control the path, control the characters, or know the ending, we’re not storytellers. We are something else. But what? I never really understood what we do.

The Audience Writes the Stories by Traveling

Then one night when I was high on caffeine and kit kats and running a dungeons & dragons game, it hit me in the frontal lobe: marketers do Russia Phone Number what dungeon masters do. We alone are paid for it. And go out more often. Yes, I’ve integrated dungeons & dragons into my blog post again. My second epiphany >d&d. Maybe it’s an effort to justify 40,000 hours of pretending I’m a wizard. Or maybe it’s because role-playing games are a perfect training ground for budding marketers. I say to all of you laughing at us pencil and paper players this is how you love us now?!!! We create maps filled with places. The audience writes the stories by traveling from place to place as they please. We are world builders.

We Still Treat Digital Marketing Like Traditional

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Why the Russia Phone Number List narration doesn’t cover it the narration follows a narrative arc. We map out a path that we think the audience will take, and then we try to tailor our marketing to the shape:the story arc story-arc the arc of history. Worth at least a 10x multiplier on your contract. But there is a problem. Here is a story arc from above. A straight line. Not much flexibility. Zero options. In many cases, the audience can’t even go back:story arc: top view story-arch-top view the arc of history, seen from above the story arc describes a single journey. We still treat digital marketing like traditional marketing: find a path and fill it with stuff. Marketing-driven storytelling.

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