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To check out the chat I had with myrian mourão about inbound and outbound marketing ! Masterclass inbound and outbound marketing how does the idea that inbound or outbound marketing does not work? There are several origins for these myths involving inbound and outbound marketing , so let’s analyze the main ones together: 1. Application errors there are those who have already tried inbound and outbound marketing and argue that one of them does not work. In these situations, this thought usually comes to the fore when a manager errs in the application of any of these methodologies, due to lack of adequate knowledge. Typically, this happens in cases where marketing actions start from copies of what another.

Company is doing – and which appears to be working –, making the “strategy” superficial and flawed. In these Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers cases, one cannot even speak of strategy , but rather of uncritically reproducing a model , without adapting it to the specifics of each business. It may even work, but the most common is to go wrong. If you apply the method incorrectly or incompletely, it will not yield results . And that doesn’t mean that the methodology doesn’t work, but that you need the help of experts . 2. Unrealistic expectations another great villain of inbound and outbound marketing results is the lack of alignment of expectations. Neither inbound nor outbound are able to bring instant results because you have to work the sales funnel very.

To check out the chat I had

Well to close a deal, and that takes time. Even if one methodology gives faster trading results than the other, that doesn’t mean it’s the only one that works. Right? 3. Slanted speeches many digital marketing salespeople discredit outbound , either out of ignorance (because they see these strategies as antagonists) or out of bad faith (because they believe that this way they will have more chances to sell their product). Likewise, there are many professionals who have been very successful with traditional marketing strategies and who are unfortunately oblivious to innovations in this area . Such a situation can be seen as a paradox , as it is in the very essence of marketing to revolutionize the market, always using the most improved techniques to attract customers and reconciling the methods already known with the.

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Best in its own time. Paid media and organic media: a guide to combining the two how to know which marketing approach to choose? Think of inbound marketing and outbound marketing as two modes of communication: people have different profiles and they communicate in different ways . Therefore, we run the risk of losing sales if we are not communicating in one way or another. For example, there are people who prefer more passive communication and, for them, inbound marketing will be ideal. Other people may never consume your content and will only be reached when (and if) you use outbound marketing . What is certain is that there is no magic strategy . The success of one or the other depends on the goals of each business , where the customers are, the persona, etc., being the best choice to carry out a diagnosis to.

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Then decide how to act. The tip here is that the same company can have customers with different or even opposite profiles. Thus, the use of inbound and outbound marketing together can bring better results! Tip: what does investment in communication say about the growth of companies? How can inbound and outbound marketing be used together? There are situations where inbound and outbound marketing work best together, such as when a customer asks you to call back a few months from now. If you don’t feed him relevant information and content , chances are he’ll forget about you when it’s time to call him back. Have you been through this? There are also other situations in which it is better to use inbound and outbound marketing together: 1.

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