Mobile Marketing: What Are the Forecasts for 2016

Mobile marketing is far from losing ground… Just look at the 2015 statistics: nearly 60% of French people are now mobile users, ie 32.9 million people. According to the latest study by the Mobile Marketing Association France, mobile Internet users are using the Internet more and more frequently, 87.3% of French people Australia Phone Number List have daily or almost daily use of the mobile Internet. most compelling evidence, In 2016, mobile marketing will redouble its efforts to strengthen the customer relationship in order to make the process of discovery and awareness much more relevant and personalized.

What Are the Major Developments That Will Mark the Mobile Marketing

of tomorrow? Here are four that will allow you to strengthen yourself. Customer relationships by anticipating their needs. In other words, augmented and virtual reality a few years ago. Scanning real-life products seemed like a Australia Phone Number List science-fiction scenario! In 2016. This experience will become the norm.In particular, rather than scanning qr codes for coupons. Important to realize customers will be able to scan barcodes. For personalized rewards programs. under those circumstances, The first thing to remember, mobile games. And non-standard shopping experiences. Heineken has already tackled this augmented reality. Feature with its scannable beer bottles as part of.Its campaign is about the seven. Farmers around the world who grow organic barley for heineken.

By Scanning Bottle Labels With the Augmented Reality App Blippar,

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users unlock an experience of exclusive content like a movie or animated stories about farmers. Example of augmented reality. although this may be true, With Heineken scanning beers and then there is google cardboard. on Australia Phone Number List the other hand, Which allows android and iPhone users. be that as it may, To taste the virtual reality experience in an easy and inexpensive way. Since you can even make the object yourself. in the event that, Without having to invest in an ultra-expensive headset like. for the purpose of, The oculus rift which is no google cardboard is much more affordable. Count $23 to buy the famous cardboard viewer which allows you to experience. Virtual reality in a simple fun and economical way “. in the final analysis, This is what a Google Cardboard viewer looks like: Google Cardboard:

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