Natural Referencing Through Google Documentation

I propose through this post to take up Algeria Phone number the recommendations that Google gives us to locate the progress of your SEO project. Natural referencing is considered, rightly, as obscure for neophytes. The recommendations and advice that can be read on the web continue to multiply, contradict each other or maintain myths about SEO. However, there are many tools and an Algeria Phone number important official Google “encyclopedia”. Indeed, the American search engine transmits through its tools dedicated to webmasters a certain number of recommendations for natural referencing.

Despite the Few Years of Existence of This Document, the Recommendations

The perfect example corresponds. To Algeria Phone number the SEO for mobile sites documentation. That google was able to provide before. Its mobile update of April 2015  when referring to the work. Of natural referencing without going into the specific cases. That may be the mobile aspect or the international parameters. Google provides us with a pdf document called. Google starter guide optimization for search engines research. This document dates from 2011. Inform webmasters about the best practices to follow. For a large part of the seo criteria taken into account by the engine.

Provided Remain Relevant Today. I Will Nevertheless Give Some

Algeria Phone Number List

  limits to the document at the end of Algeria Phone number the article. Of course, these tags remain relatively basic criteria in improving a site’s SEO, but most websites do not have optimal settings for these tags. Emphasis is placed on the uniqueness of tags on pages. The important thing is to respect their primary usefulness, namely to introduce and present the page to an Internet user from the search engine. It seems obvious but Google does not give us advice here on the best keywords to Algeria Phone number use in each of its tags.

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