Netlinking and Natural Referencing: Beware of Google Penguin

A key step in SEO, net linking brings together the link strategies used to promote your site! Concretely what is it? These are all the external links (backlinks) that will point to a specific site or page that you want to reference to USA Phone Number List increase its traffic. However, net linking remains one of the stages of natural referencing, so to avoid putting the cart before the horse, remember to deal with all the previous stages (creation and optimization of content and all the technical elements internal to the site)! What are the benefits of your website? As said before,

Google Penguin, Released in 2012. It Has Also Undergone Many Changes.

Net linking will help you to increase. The popularity and the traffic of your site or a page on google and. This by the artificial or natural acquisition of links. An algorithm story but not only. There was a time when it was enough. To create more and more backlinks to be better referenced. Everyone gave it their all to USA Phone Number List create hundreds or even thousands of backlinks.That era is long gone! Google has taken care of this (and still takes care of it). By favoring the quality over the number of links. He had also hit hard with the famous

Google Penguin Is the Policeman of Net Linking and Unnatural

USA Phone Number List

backlinks and it does not hesitate to punish bad students, that is to say those who do not respect the rules of manipulation of links. This is why your strategies must also adapt to avoid you being rejected by USA Phone Number List Google. Google Penguin The quality ! After the stick of Google, the carrot of success is also a good leitmotif! Adhering to a more qualitative netlinking strategy will bring you more traffic and who says traffic says new prospects and new customers. The second advantage remains the positive impact on the image of your company , because the primary goal is not to alter Google results but to USA Phone Number List be able to communicate about your activity, your products or services.

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