Nicolas Hulot Breaks Communication Codes With His Video Break Internet

With the approach of COP21, a major conference on Argentina Phone number global warming to be held in Paris from November 30 to December 11, Nicolas Hulot began banging his fist on the web. In collaboration with the “Golden Moustache” Youtube channel, the President’s special envoy for. although this may be true, the protection of the planet launched his “Break the Internet” campaign to raise young people’s awareness of the challenges of COP21. The result: it’s a Argentina Phone number huge success! Successful bet for the video “Break the Internet” of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation. different from, and Golden Mustache67% of 15-30 year olds have never heard of COP21 (Odoxa poll).

Discouraged by This Observation, Nicolas Hulot Pulled Out

the heavy artillery by lending himself to a whole new way of communicating: humor.The objective is to raise awareness among. A young public who read little of the press. Do not listen to much radio and watch little television. To Argentina Phone number succeed in this daring bet the hulot foundation. Therefore called on golden moustache. The youtube channel launched by m6 in 2012 which currently has 2 million subscribers. Known and recognized by young people for. Its offbeat tone Argentina Phone number and humor, golden mustache is therefore. The golden medium for reaching the under-30s as much as possible.

Le Letter Cop21 Represents a Key Event for the Nicolas Hulot Foundation as

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 well as for all environmentalists around the world. This is THE essential moment when a new international agreement on the fight against global warming below 2°C will be decided. Convinced that the challenges of COP21 concern the future of young people, the number one ecologist in France was looking for a way to Argentina Phone number involve more 15-30 year olds, often perceived as politically disinterested. However, neither Nicolas Hulot nor his team felt capable of raising this public’s awareness of environmental problems. “I’m not the funniest or the most able to talk to Argentina Phone number young people,” he would have confessed. This is why the Nicolas Hulot Foundation called on the collective of Youtubers Golden Moustache, much appreciated by young people,

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