No one shows how to systematically improve product capabilities New Zealand Mobile Number

Written in the front: Recently, classmates often ask how to improve product capabilities. It can be seen that many products are anxious. But anxiety is also the beginning of layers of escalation. This article uses some methodologies and examples that I have New Zealand Mobile Number learned over the years to describe how to systematically improve my product capabilities. It is roughly divided into several steps: plan-practice-review.

 Plan: Make OKRs for yourself

What are OKRs?

O is Objectives, KR is Key Results, OKR is Objectives and Key Results, that is, the goal and key results method. It is a set of management tools and methods for clarifying and tracking goals and their completion. It has been successfully used by Google and is now gradually adopted by many domestic companies. O(Objectives): Objective, it asks what do we want to do?

K (Key Results): Key results. Those Key Results demonstrate that you achieved your goals, by which we measure how well we achieved our goals.

Objectives are qualitative statements and key New Zealand Mobile Number quantitative. The most challenging part of designing KR is how to translate the qualitative part of the goal into a quantitative digital representation.

The rank system of the company

Many companies have a rank system, and the rank system has the meaning of fighting monsters at every level. It allows us to know where we are and where to work. A simple classification below

For example, according to the rank system, we are ready to lead the team in the next stage, and at the same time, we must make breakthroughs in the SaaS field. I’ll start planning for this.

You can set a one-year or half-year OKR for yourself at the beginning or middle of each year.

For example, my OKRs last year were

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Teacher Liu Baohong mentioned in the postscript of “Purchasing and Supply Chain Management” that either become a leader or become an expert. From the metaphysical to the metaphysical, from the practice to the theory, the theory guides the practice. And how to become an expert, my understanding is:

In this process, you can arrange the priorities according to your own needs, or dynamically adjust additions and deletions.

Sometimes many people will say that after reading a lot of books, it is still not good to be a product manager. I think there are a few main points:

Even if you don’t know something, when you use it, you know which book it is in, and you can find it and use it.

For example, some biographical history books: the main thing is to have a general understanding of the time context, each person’s feelings are different, and the information obtained is different.

The number of books you read is not the goal, what matters is what you learn in each book. Everyone’s situation is different and they get different things


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