Not Provided on Analytics: What Does It Mean

What does the category “not provided” mean in Google Analytics, and where does it come from? “Not provided” literally means “not provided”: and for those Germany B2B List who practice SEO, this appears in the Natural results tab of your Google Analytics account. Because of this, Google encrypts the keywords that users have typed into the search bar to arrive at your site . Why is Google hiding this Germany B2B List data from us? Google has stated that it has implemented this “not provided” system only to protect the privacy of its users.

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However, for some people, including us, this reason is not valid and Google would have voluntarily hidden its data to make SEO activity more complex and thus encourage investment in its Adwords ads. And in those moments, privacy doesn’t matter so much! Others, on the other hand, invoke competition to Germany B2B List justifies Google’s action – the Bing search engine would have copied its organic index on keywords that it could not know…not-provided-google-analytics Why is the not provided a problem? Why do we need these keywords? Unfair competition or not, the result is the same: difficult now to work on your SEO. Keep in mind that you always need information on keywords to stay competitive

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 What alternatives to optimize your natural referencing? So what do we do, now that we no longer have access to organic searches? There are a few ways to recover this data on your own . Analyze landing pages : analyze the traffic on a page – which then corresponds to a set of key expressions – allows you to Germany B2B List have an idea of ​​the keywords entered by Internet usersRefer to the positioning of your page : Google shows you on which keywords your site is indexed, and at what position, which makes it possible to create more targeted content to go up in searches. Here again, the use of positioning tools is essential. Use the Google Adwords Keyword planner : by typing a keyword, you find ideas and associations,

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