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Enterprises look at information security, and it is too slow to take action when they are passively waiting for the enemy to come to the door! In the seminar on “New Generation Information Security Defense – Cyber ​​Threats and Defense Trends” hosted by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in June this year, Lin Zhihong, head of the Taiwan Network Information Center, first mentioned the types of malware attacks on Taiwan’s ICT equipment. , mainly covering the Conflicker virus in the IoT category, QSnatch infection in the NAS category, and Android hummer in the mobile device category.

In order to avoid problems before

finding solutions, ACW SOUTHInformation Security Base has designed a “Testbed Training and Testing Base” in the application multi-exhibition area on the first floor. At present, there are key infrastructure, smart manufacturing and smart green energy and other themes. This year, two new emerging themed exhibition areas will be added: Smart Internet of Things and the semiconductor industry. There are visits every day and courses every week. Through the field of demonstration, specific information security incidents,

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The “New Generation Information

Security Defense – Cyber ​​Threats and Defense Trends” seminar also invited the two companies to share their observations on the current information security situation. Huang Qiongying, vice president of technology of Anqi Information Co., Ltd., pointed out that many hackers now choose their attack targets by grasping information security loopholes and transaction information from the dark web. He suggested that enterprises use machine learning technology to conduct long-term and periodic behavior analysis and detection, dig out the hidden information security threats of DNS, and detect abnormal behaviors or states that are different from the past.

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