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You can read more about seo in this article. Reference article: what is seo? Beginner-friendly basic knowledge i also want to know! Terms used in the production stage web characters on a wooden block from here, we will introduce the Germany WhatsApp Number terms used in the production stage of web production. A directory map it is a list that summarizes the URLs of all pages in the website, titles and article contents. It is an important material for clients and production staff to accurately grasp what kind of page is needed and how many pages, the scale of the website and the information necessary for production. Site map a page that displays a list of the contents of the entire website.

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Of pages are on the site. It is very Germany WhatsApp Number important to design an easy-to-use site map that puts the user first. Photoshop image editing/creation and photo processing software. In addition to photo editing. It used for a wide range of purposes such as web design. Banner design, and illustration creation. Illustrator it has a highly flexible design function, and you can create illustrations and logos, and design posters and leaflets. Xd ui / ux (design and operability) design tools for websites and mobile apps . You can create wireframes, design comps, and prototypes. Wireframe a blueprint that determines the layout of a web page. It is indispensable for site production, and it is created for the purpose of “visualizing” the completed image by creating it before starting work such as design and coding.

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Germany WhatsApp Number

The “completed image of the design”. It create to share the image Germany WhatsApp Number of the work. So that there is no discrepancy in recognition with the client. Design comps create using design tools such as photoshop and illustrator . Prototype in addition to page design, it is a function that can be operate like an actual website or application. Since the operation can be verified from the design production stage, it becomes easier to imagine the design and operability. Coding it is the work of writing the source code to make the web design visible on the browser using a programming language. Mainly html, css, javascript, etc. If you’re in charge of coding, it’s even better to have knowledge of “seo” and “cms”.

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