Online Advertising Banners: What Use to Promote Your Products and Services

For your business to be efficient on the Web, as Argentina B2B List a result, you need to boost your ROI and expand the visibility of your brand! In this, online advertising is one of the means that you can personalize to promote your products and as can be seen, services and make your investments profitable.  And so, what are the possible solutions in terms of online graphic display advertising? How are Argentina B2B List these display campaigns billed? Are there any winning solutions? Reminder: what is a banner ad?

The Main Professional Organization in the Market, Has Notably

A banner ad is simply the expression of online advertising par excellence! The function of which is to promote a product or service. in the final analysis, Presented in an attractive convincing and personalized. Graphic form (image or animation). The banner must encourage the user to click on. The link redirects to a Argentina B2B List specific page on your website. The very nature of display (graphic advertising). Interactive and flexible offers advertisers. Many possibilities to as shown above, encourage clicks, generate traffic, increase your. Sales and develop your image and notoriety. The main display formats in order to make. The advertising market more efficient and to reduce costs. The iab, interactive advertising bureau,

Integrated the Standardization of Advertising Formats .

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  Here are the main ones:The classic banner (468*60px): this horizontal format is one Argentina B2B List of the first formats to appear on the Internet. Ior large banner: this format has developed in parallel with the appearance of high-resolution screens. In particular, it has an excellent intrusion/visibility ratio. The skyscraper (60*600px or 120*600px): a vertical format that promotes integration into the page and allows you to occupy a large space. The impact is therefore higher. However,

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