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The main purpose was to “improperly or maliciously distribute personal and private images on the Internet.” At the same time, it also strengthens the protection of victims’ personal information, investigation, and trial non-disclosure, and cooperates with relevant counseling resources. Because it is a targeted private image, the definition in the regulations is also very clear. Take the Kuomintang version of the ” Revenge porn law” in Virginia, USA, which is almost a copy of the “Revenge porn law” in Virginia, USA.

After the news broke, both the

popularity of public opinion and the level of discussion continued to rise. From the very beginning, for the part of “sex crimes” or “Avenge porn”, the law amendment proposal to strengthen penalties and remove videos from public power Norway Phone Number has suddenly risen to “national security issues” through President Tsai Ing-wen’s speech and national security director Chen Mingtong’s questioning in the past few days. ”, and pointed out that the “Deepfake Special Law” will be formulated in the future.

Although it sounds like one thin sexual

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Regulations on “violation of sexually intimate. Images” do not solve “national security issues” Back to the first time the incident broke out. Many legislators recalled the proposal for a related special law that had been lying in warehouses for many years. And expressed that they would advance this bill in response to the face-changing incident.

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