Who Has Abundant Operational Know-How in Various Industries

Summary pc and female hands. This time, i explained the flow from. Opening an account for line ads to delivering ads. Not only those who have already operated advertisements. But also those who are considering operating advertisements. In the future, the overwhelming reach of line advertisements. Abundant distribution menus, and highly Mexico WhatsApp Number accurate targeting suit. Their products and services. How about finding an operation method and increasing. Opportunities to connect with users? For line advertising operation. Although this may be true it to digima girls (r) the line advertisement introduced. Today may be difficult to assign to the operator from the settings. In such a case, please leave your company’s line advertising operation.

Will Be in Charge of Distribution,

Although this may be true operation, and improvement Mexico WhatsApp Number according to your service content. If you run a website, you may be wondering, “what kind of people are accessing this website?” “what is the age and gender of the user?” “what day of the week and at what time do you get a lot of access?” ” are you searching on google or are you accessing from facebook ?” knowing this kind of data will be very helpful in improving your website. It is very important to make improvements based on actual data, not based on speculative judgment. “but how do you collect the data. You may hear such a voice, but do you know a tool called google analytics ? By linking this tool with the website, it is possible to aggregate and check all the above data.

Now, as an Introduction,

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I will explain from the outline of google analytics to the Mexico WhatsApp Number points that you want to keep in mind at the time of initial setting. What is google analytics ? Analysis report first , let’s get an overview of google analytics (ga) . Ga is a free website access analysis tool provided by google . ( there is also a paid version for large companies called ” google analytics 360 “, but basically you can get the necessary data with the free version ) by incorporating a javascript code called “tracking code” of ga into the page of the website where you want to measure the data, it is possible to acquire all the data useful for analysis. For example, you can check data such as the attributes and interests of users who have flowed into the website.

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