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It was supposed to be a christmas present for my kids. But it found its way into my bedroom, where it South Africa Mobile Number served as a alarm clock, audible audiobook player. Siriusxm music radio, weather reporter, and a device that answers many questions like “alexa. What’s the phone number for marco’s pizza?” there are many search assistants South Africa Mobile Number on the market. Such as amazon echo (alexa), apple’s homepod devices and google home. But new players are also emerging. I recently spotted this harman kardon invoke smart speaker at a local store. It includes microsoft’s virtual assistant cortana. To answer questions and manage smart home technology to streamline tasks.

Voice Search South Africa Mobile Number

I’m sure there are more to come. According to reports on dent, alexa will be added to personal South Africa Mobile Number computers (pcs) and laptops from acer. Asus, and hewlett packard (hp). This could make alexa a significant challenger to cortana. Google assistant is available on 400 million devices (like android smartphones, google home. And other South Africa Mobile Number tablets and devices). According to forrester, the use of smart devices will continue to grow. As a search engine optimization (seo) specialist, are you ready to try to get your content to show up in voice search results? Voice search is here.

Continues to Grow South Africa Mobile Number

South Africa Mobile Number
South Africa Mobile Number

Voice search is now. And voice search is our future. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, now is South Africa Mobile Number the time to start optimizing your content for voice. Voice search continues to grow according to comscore, half of smartphone users use voice technology. And of those, one in three use it daily. Google reports voice search South Africa Mobile Number queries up to 2016: as an seo. You need to have a solid understanding of some of the search strategies that can help you rank for voice search.

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