Optimize Meta Description Tag to Get More Visits

The meta description tag plays a very important role in France B2B List the referencing of your site , it should not be neglected for this. Perhaps you are not yet very familiar with this famous beacon, so we will start by presenting it to you. What is a meta description tag? The meta description tag will provide in less than 160 characters a description of the web page you are about to visit . Located below the France B2B List title tag, the set will appear in search engine results. meta-tag-description-example In the HTML code of your pages, the meta description tag is placed in the <head> section, always after the title tag.

How Do I Know if My Meta Tag Is Effective? You Can Judge the Good

Take good care of your tags, it’s the first thing visitors will see before clicking on your linkā€¦ or not! Why is the meta France B2B List description important? Simply because it will affect your site traffic. In Google results in particular, the content of this tag will encourage the user to visit the page it describes . The choice of content and the integration of evocative keywords for the Internet user will increase your click-through rate in the natural results and therefore your traffic. The meta description must therefore speak directly to France B2B List your target and include content that makes them want to know more.

The User to Click and Therefore Increase Your Ctr

France B2B List

Quality of your tag by connecting. To France B2B List the search console (formerly google webmaster tools). And analyzing your click-through rate (or ctr). By selecting a specific request, you can follow. The evolution of your ctr. Which is calculated according to the number of clicks received. Compared to France B2B List the number of impressions of your link. Meta-description-ctr-search console. The meta description tag: what impact on seo? It has. A direct influence on seo through the ctr if your ctr is higher. Then the average ctr that you are supposed to obtain. You will gradually gain in positioning. And the more a page is well-positioned. The more its ctr is likely to be high by including keywords. Google will highlight them in bold in your meta description. When they are typed in by a user. This will therefore encourage

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