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Obviously, the environment is changing rapidly and it is difficult to specifically predict. How users will Paraguay Mobile Number interact with their devices using voice. The winners in the voice space will be those who pay close attention to the various devices that are launching and how they are used. The first step is to understand the capabilities of new devices and who uses them. Recently, greg sterling covered a study done Paraguay Mobile Number by backlinko on voice search ranking factors. The study is based on 10,000 google home search results and is close. To what i experienced on my own device on a much smaller scale. In the results, they note that some results may be due to causation. While others may be coincidence or correlation.

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Understanding what’s at stake is key to understanding what google is looking at. There are several key Paraguay Mobile Number points from the backlinko study. That i think are important to note: responses are 29 words on average. When structuring the data you want to become a voice “response. Make sure it is short and to the point. This means Paraguay Mobile Number formatting the page so that an answer can easily be taken from it and considered a complete answer to the question. For example, ask google what the pythagorean theorem is and you’ll hear this 25-word answer.

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Paraguay Mobile Number
Paraguay Mobile Number

the average writing level of a result was targeted. At the ninth grade reading level, so keep it simple. Currently, voice search results seem to serve a more generic audience. I don’t expect Paraguay Mobile Number it to last long; ranking for the present requires writing to the masses. Google can optionally tailor the reading level to the individual search and Paraguay Mobile Number the implied education level of the query. The average word Paraguay Mobile Number count of pages used to draw voice search results was 2,312 words.

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