Optimizing a Google Adwords Campaign: the Main Criteria

Like anyone using the famous Google platform. You want to Thailand Phone number know a few points to properly optimize your AdWords campaigns. Well, I will give you several criteria to watch out for. This will allow you to implement some optimizations. Prerequisites In order to properly optimize an AdWords account, it must meet certain prerequisites. Otherwise, it will be complicated to carry out all the actions. Setting up conversions You have two methods for setting up conversions:Add AdWords conversion scripts Import conversions from Google Analytics (simpler)Google Analytics link Linking your Google AdWords account and your.

Here Is an Example of Columns for an E-commerce Site. Personalized

Google Analytics account will initially allow you to obtain important data, which is the bounce rate for campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. Then in a second step to import your conversions (see paragraph on Thailand Phone number the CTR). Link Google AdWords account with Google Analytics account customizing Account Columns Basically, the Google AdWords platform will only show you little data such as the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, etc. I, therefore, invite you to modify the columns displayed at the different levels available on your account. All you have to do is click on the “Columns” button. Select the data that may interest you.

Adwords Account You Will Quickly Have a Multitude of Criteria Available

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  on a single table. The CTR As a reminder, the CTR is the click-through rate (number of clicks divided by the number of impressions). This data may seem very simple, but it also tells us if your ads are incentivized to click. Of course, please take into account your average position. It is completely normal to have a low CTR if you do Thailand Phone number not have a dominant position. Conversely, you must question the discourse of your ads or the choice of your keywords. A little more, I invite you to write at least two ads per ad group. This will allow you to perform tests. A kind of A/B testing.

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