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If you’re unfamiliar with the term “actions on google. It refers to what you call apps that can be design to run on the google assistant. Jason’s presentation provided insight into what google sees in how people use voice and the google assistant app. Jason didn’t provide Norway Mobile Number his slides. So the screenshots below are my camera shots. One of his first observations is that people use voice very differently than they use Norway Mobile Number traditional search. Commands tend to be much more action oriented. When it comes to personal assistants, people have more of a “get it done” mindset. Longer term, artificial intelligence (ai) should dramatically expand the capabilities of what you can do.

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For example, you will be able to search for photos of your child using their name or by searching for photos Norway Mobile Number of people kissing, etc. Users will start to expect these types of capabilities more and more. They already interact much more with natural language when they use voice to tell a device to do something. In fact, 70% of all Norway Mobile Number voice queries are already in natural language format. You will also be able to interact on multiple devices. You will have a personal assistant living in the cloud and you can access this assistant from any device of your choice. The personal assistant is already present on more than 400 million devices today.

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Norway Mobile Number
Norway Mobile Number

The number and types of devices will continue to grow over time (for example, smart displays  Norway Mobile Number will be released later this year). You’ll be able to use multiple input modes. not just voice: typing, tapping, voice, and even google lens. Jason also Norway Mobile Number emphasized structured data markup because google wants people to move in that direction. For example, accessing recipe content through google home is only possible if the site with the recipe has implemented it with structured data markup.

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