Overlooked in the Initial Settings Continuing from the Previous Section

The steps leading up to the thanks page. If the inquiry not complete. You can visualize at what step you left. Which is useful for improving the website design. Switch the setting on and enter the name and url of the point that is likely to be an index. Such as the “inquiry Netherlands WhatsApp Number input screen” and “sent content confirmation screen”. After entering each item, click [save] to complete the goal setting. Even if you set the target after starting the measurement. The data before setting will not reflect. So be sure to complete the setting before starting the measurement.

Precautions That Are Often

There are two more points that i would like to Netherlands WhatsApp Number complete the settings at the initial stage . It is very important to complete the settings before starting measurement in order to improve the quality of numerical analysis. Exclusion of internal access one thing that is surprisingly easy to forget is the setting to exclude access from within the company . Customers aren’t the only ones who visit your website. It expected that those involve in the operation of the website will also access the website. If you do not exclude these data from your ga measurement data, you will not be able to accurately measure pure end-user behavior and your analysis will be of poor quality.

It Is Recommended to Exclude

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The traffic of the parties concerned at the Netherlands WhatsApp Number initial stage because it will affect the subsequent policy consideration. Duplicate view the ga account consists of “account” properties” view”. Manage with the following image. Analytics account structure as mentioned above. It recommends creating at least 3 views for one property. I explained “exclusion of internal access” earlier, but if you set it with only one view, you will not be able to reaggregate the data in case of emergency . In order to prevent the situation that “the necessary data was filtered and could not be measured”, “master data” without any modification, “verification view” for pre-testing, for measurement let’s create three “production views” that exclude unnecessary information.

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